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About US

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the owner of the newly founded company BIOPOLTECH I would like to introduce our product.

We are exclusive distributor for Switzerland as the first company among the world’s unique disposable tableware from wheat bran, which is completely natural in the production, use and disposal.

Our business philosophy is not only the sale of disposable tableware, but also the protection of nature and environment. Our product does not contain any chemicals, is safe for kids and completely biodegradable within a month. Our products are made from 100% renewable raw materials. In addition, the technological process of forming of the dishes by the action of heat and pressure is extremely time- and energy-efficient.

We strive for sustainability by replacing conventional products made of plastic, aluminium and Styrofoam. The success of our disposable tableware in countries like Canada, USA, Great Britain, Germany and Poland confirmed that we are on the right track!

If our unique product have your interest but you still have questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Kind regards

Adam Joachimiak

What We Make

Wheat Bran


Natural, stylish and 100% Biodegradable



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What we do

Tableware made of edible wheat bran!

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How It Works


Natural grain


Bran as a material for
the vessel production.


made of 100 % edible
wheat bran

After use,

can be eaten or degraded completely in up to 30 days.

What comes

from nature goes back to nature.
100 % BIOdegradable


Blumenweg 2B | 5300 Turgi | Schweiz

Adam Joachimiak

tel. + 41 787 454 726